From Virtual to Natural: Why Younger Generations are Seeking Authentic Connections with the Environment

From Virtual to Natural: Why Younger Generations are Seeking Authentic Connections with the Environment

In our modern day and age, any young individual with access to a smartphone is probably no stranger to the digital world we live in - with social media, video games, and virtual realities dominating a lot of the press, technology and conversations we’re having with friends and family. If you have a particularly keen eye for trends and digital attitudes, you might have noticed a slight shift happening; a shift from the virtual to the natural, especially among younger generations. Let's dive in and find out more about this fascinating trend.

The rise of the digital age has undeniably reshaped our lives. Younger generations, in particular, have grown up with smartphones in their hands and social media platforms at their fingertips. While this tech-savvy upbringing has its perks, it also brings about a unique set of challenges, including the constant pressure to be 'connected' and the sometimes overwhelming influx of digital content.

Interestingly, many young people are now seeking a digital detox and a break from their screens. In trends on apps such as TikTok and Instagram,  we’ve seen an undeniably retreat to nature for authentic, calming, and tangible experiences. This shift is driven by a myriad of factors, including an increased awareness of mental health issues, the desire for genuine, unfiltered experiences, and the craving for a slower, more mindful pace of life.

Embracing the great outdoors isn't just a trend—it's a form of therapy. Known as 'Nature Therapy', this practice is backed by science, with studies showing that it can reduce stress, improve mood, and boost overall well-being. You may have seen it in different formats through your social media sphere, from relearning how to grow your own vegetables and herbs for cooking, to embracing the knowledge and peace of mind that comes from nurturing for your own plants. The same mindset is applied to the slow, therapeutic activities which force us to take time and live in the moment, and can be seen in the rising popularity of crafts such as rug tufting, darning, and embroidery. 

Might we mention that we’re also jumping on the trend? With our week of slow-inspired activities, including Botanical Drawing, Cyanotype Printing & Paper Sculpture making, you’re sure to find time to relax and enjoy conversations and catch-ups with friends while making something beautiful to remember the evening by! Tickets are available under ‘Nature Workshops’ now! 

In a world where our screens often dictate our lives, it's refreshing to see younger generations forging a path back to nature. The authenticity and tranquillity found in natural connections can't be replicated by any virtual reality. So, why not give it a try? Take a step outside, soak in the beauty of nature, and let yourself be grounded by the earth beneath your feet. After all, we could all use a little more nature in our lives, couldn't we?

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