Celebrating nature through crafting and conversation

This year, the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show extends its reach to the east of London, thanks to the creative collaboration between Meredith Collective and Tuff Flowers. Their innovative installation, "London's Hot Bed," offers a vibrant, immersive experience for visitors, transforming a Kirby Street shop into a floral haven and a hub for meaningful interactions, photoshoots, and discussions.

Collaboration in Bloom: Showcasing Transformative, Immersive Artistry

The collaboration between Meredith Collective and Tuff Flowers has resulted in a breathtaking work of art, epitomizing their shared enthusiasm for transformative, immersive, and daring design. "London's Hot Bed" stands as a symbol of the strength of collaboration and the incredible fusion of creative minds.

Breathing Life into Backstreets: A Celebration of Urban Biodiversity

By bringing a stunning floral display to the backstreets of the city, "London's Hot Bed" emphasizes the importance of biodiversity in urban environments. The installation champions the need for green spaces and natural elements in our concrete jungles, inspiring visitors to incorporate the beauty of nature into their everyday lives.

Optimism in Bloom: A Brighter, Greener Future

In an often overwhelming world, "London's Hot Bed" provides a refreshing dose of optimism. The striking floral exhibit serves as a reminder of nature's resilience and the potential for growth even in the most unlikely places. By bringing wonder and delight to the streets of London, Meredith Collective and Tuff Flowers hope to inspire a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


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