Macaron Workshops

Run by our sister company Oh La La! Macarons  -

Embark on a delightful journey with an exclusive macaron workshop. Master the art of baking perfect macarons with the Oh La La! experience that has delighted guests since 2013.

Delightful Macaron Mastery

  • Taste Tempting Macarons: When you arrive you are invited to indulge in an unlimited stack of irresistible macarons, we challenge you to finish them all by the end of the workshop. Savour the delicious flavours as you learn the secrets behind these exquisite treats.
  • Exclusive Baking Techniques: Discover the "Ohlala Macaron Method," a unique and fun approach to mastering the art of baking perfect macarons. Be one of the lucky guests chosen to participate in the demonstration and learn from the experts themselves.

Personalised Creations: With pre-made shells and an array of mouthwatering fillings, you can customise your own hand-crafted macarons to take home and share with loved ones. Be the envy of your friends as each macaron is perfectly shaped. 

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