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Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree - Sunday November 5th 2023

Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree - Sunday November 5th 2023

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For the refined dog aficionado who yearns to share life's finer moments with their beloved furry companion, we present to you the Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree—a highbrow haven where elegance meets wagging tails. Hosted by the whimsical Oh La La! Macarons, this is an affair where the age-old tradition of afternoon tea embraces the boundless joy that our four-legged companions bring into our lives.

Bid adieu to the heart-wrenching goodbyes at the door; no longer does one need to choose between indulging in high tea and spending quality time with their canine confidantes. At the Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree, we unite these two worlds in a celebration of luxurious camaraderie. Our event warmly welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes into an afternoon filled with gourmet delight and playful frolic.

As you relish in a finely curated selection of aromatic teas and nibble on handcrafted delicacies—such as our signature bone-shaped macarons—your pet will be equally spoiled with a spread of canine-approved goodies. And for a touch of haute couture, immortalise the day with a photo of your dog printed on our sumptuous cakes—a cherished keepsake of an exquisite day out.

Our menu, a gastronomic voyage, features delights like Oat & Peanut Butter Tartlets with an Apple Sauce Drizzle, Bitesize Banana Bellini Pancakes with Greek Yoghurt, Raspberry & Desiccated Coconut, and more. For the humans, a twist of whimsy awaits in our Watermelon Tequila twisted cocktails, while the pups can lap up Watermelon & Mint Puptails.

While the humans indulge, we haven’t forgotten about the Very Important Pooches (VIPs)! They’ll be pampered with their very own spread of canine-approved goodies. We’ve curated an environment where your pups can mingle with new fur-riends, and partake in the playful toys, and refresh with plentiful water bowls available around the venue.

Embark on this unparalleled journey of culinary finesse and canine camaraderie at the Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree. Your reservation to a whimsical world where gourmet refinement and your pet's playful spirit dance in harmonious splendour awaits. Book now, and open the door to an enchanting soirée where every bark and giggle forms the melody of an unforgettable afternoon.

Location: Oh La La! Macarons, 5 Kirby Street, London, EC1N 8TS (closest train/tube: Farringdon)

Booking slots are available between 12.30pm - 4pm on this date. 

Please email us at: with your preferred time and we will book you in. 

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