Wagging Tails & Wellbeing: Why The Delight Project Couldn’t Leave Our Dogs at Home

Wagging Tails & Wellbeing: Why The Delight Project Couldn’t Leave Our Dogs at Home

Dog Afternoon Tea at The Delight Project with Oh La La! Macarons

At The Delight Project, our passion has always revolved around crafting unforgettable food and drink experiences. But as dog lovers, we've felt a significant element was missing - our furry companions. Every wagging tail and joyful bark served as a reminder of the happiness dogs bring into our lives. So, when conceptualising the Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree, we didn’t merely envision a gastronomic delight; we dreamed of an experience that celebrates our bond with our four-legged friends and highlights the irreplaceable joy they bring to our emotional and mental well-being.

When Tails Wag, We Listen

We’ve all been there - coming home after a long day, feeling the weight of the world, only to be greeted by the boundless enthusiasm of our pets. It’s impossible to resist that infectious happiness! We at The Delight Project resonate deeply with this sentiment. Our dogs are not just pets; they’re family. And just like you wouldn’t want to leave a family member behind, neither did we.

The Science Behind Our Furry Friends’ Magic

It's not just about personal anecdotes; there’s compelling science to back our sentiments. Research consistently shows the mood-lifting magic dogs wield. Simple interactions, like petting a dog, boost serotonin and dopamine levels, neurotransmitters that are all about happiness and peace. The companionship of our pooches also fights off feelings of loneliness and encourages us to be more active - it’s no wonder we hate leaving them at home!

Elevated Experiences with Our Furry Companions

The Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree isn’t merely another event for us; it's a love letter to our dogs. As they joyously savour dog-friendly treats and make furry friends, our hearts swell with pride and happiness. These shared moments reinforce the bond we share and remind us of the mutual joy we bring to each other's lives.

Champions of Our Wellbeing

Our dogs wear many hats – they're our partners in crime, our comfort during stormy nights, and without a doubt, our mental health champions. Their unconditional love provides us with a sense of purpose, reminding us to embrace the present moment. It's this profound impact that spurred us to ensure every event at The Delight Project is dog-friendly.

A Heartfelt Cheers to Our Canine Pals

We can't wait for you to join us at our first Oh La Paws! High Tea Soiree on 5th November 2023 where we will share incredible cakes by Oh La La! Macarons alongside our furry best friends. Every laugh, every memory, and every shared morsel of food are tributes to the bond we cherish. Here’s to the dogs, the true keepers of our happiness and the reason behind our latest delightful endeavour. Join us in celebrating our dogs – the unsung heroes who sprinkle joy into our everyday lives!

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